New Centerline Rumble Strip Design

Bike Walk Montana advocates for improved rumble strips in Montana. After lots of input from all of us rumble strip advocates, MDT has now modified the design they will be using for future Centerline Rumble Strips. The modified rumble strips will be less aggressive, making them less of a deterrent for drivers to cross the rumble strips when passing a…(read more)

MDT Completes an Intersection Study Plan

The Montana Intersection Study Plan provides a safety analysis of intersection crashes determined by a safety performance function (SPF) and level of service of safety (LOSS). The plan includes 15 different intersection models and 12 different crash patterns for scenario analysis. The next step will be to have the consultant complete safety reviews for 25 identified intersections in Montana that…(read more)

FHWA Rescinds Interim Approval for Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons

On December 21, 2017, FHWA issued a memo rescinding its interim approval for the use of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) due to proprietary patent. Existing RRFBs may remain in operation until they reach the end of their useful service life, but no new or replacement RRFBs may be installed. Alternatives that MDT are considering include pedestrian activated LED Flashing Pedestrian Signs…(read more)

Attack Ice. Not the Environment, Your Pets, and Your Property

Winter in Montana. You know the routine. The snow falls, the sun comes out just enough to make a mess and the melted snow refreezes and turns to ice. Maintaining the safety of your sidewalk in the winter is a critical responsibility. Sidewalks that become covered in ice are dangerous for people who are walking and bicycling throughout the season.…(read more)

Engineers on a Walkabout

Bike Walk Montana had the honor of presenting with Matt Maze from MDT and Chris Siller from the MT Independent Living Project at the Joint Engineers Conference. This years presentation was geared around the issues that people with disabilities and mobility challenges encounter while accessing their communities and provided solutions to improve their livability. The session concluded with a walkabout outside to…(read more)

Myths Debunked: Stop the Confusion over these Bicycle Related Laws

Myth or Truth? It is almost a daily occurrence that I speak to someone who wants clarification of the following bicycle related laws. So, here is a pile of the bicycle related laws that seem to cause the most confusion on Montana's roads. Make it a committment to learn these laws and share them with your fellow bicycle or car traveling buddies, to help…(read more)

Be a Champion for Good Bicycling

I am a person who rides a bike for thousands of reasons (maybe more) and one of those reasons is for transportation. As a person who rides a bike on the same road that cars travel on, I love talking about my rights! I am not alone; people who ride bikes like talking about their right to share the road.…(read more)

Highlights of the 2017 National Walking Summit

I recently had the opportunity to attend the National Walking Summit in St. Paul, MN. where over 600 advocates and professionals from 45 states, Washington, D.C., and Canada came together to learn from each other on how to improve walking in their own communities and states. While there, I learned more about winning campaigns for walking and walkable communities; fundraising…(read more)

Raising Awareness for a Safe Passing Distance

Bike Walk Montana partnered together with five communities including Anaconda, Billings, Great Falls, Helena, and Missoula to lead a ‘pool noodle ride’ to raise awareness for what a minimum safe passing distance is when passing a bicyclist. Riders attached a pool noodle to their bicycle that stuck out three feet to the left representing what a minimum safe passing distance…(read more)

Shared-Use Path Policy Doesn’t Work for Montanans

Montana Department of Transportation recently adopted policy 8-03-001 which restricts when and where shared-use paths may be constructed in MDT right-of-way. Bike Walk Montana and the Adventure Cycling Association submitted a letter to Director Tooley explaining how this policy is a step back for Montana and needs to be rescinded. Our key concerns with policy 8-03-001 include: 1. There was no public input…(read more)
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